Tiago is an invited professor at the Faculty of Engineering University of Porto (FEUP), teaching and researching software engineering, mainly focusing on web development, cloud computing, software processes, and tools.

He holds a Ph.D. (Cum Laude) in Software Engineering from FEUP as part of his research on architectures for efficient cloud computing. His other publications can also be found online.

Tiago leads product engineering at Kevel, a US company helping brands optimize their digital marketing initiatives with privacy-centric strategies. He arrived at this position after the acquisition of ShiftForward by Velocidi in 2018 and later by Kevel in 2022.

Furthermore, he is an external researcher at INESC-TEC, where he previously held several full-time research grants. He organized several editions of the EuroPLoP conference and is a Hillside Europe non-profit organization board member.

You can learn about other activities on Tiago’s full CV. A contact email is available on this page’s footer.